Prototype Service

Rapid Prototype PatternsRapid Prototype Patterns: Since June 2008 we have been able to produce rapid prototype patterns using either supplied 3D models or creating a 3D model from customer drawings. In all cases we will ensure the 3D model has exactly the same cast features as will be required for serial production, including joint lines, feeder pads and machining locations. Rapid prototype coreboxes can be produced at the same time. In this way you can be sure that all prototype testing will be valid.

Rapid Prototype Machining: Castings PLC has 5 axis machining facilities for cost effective machining of prototypes at low tooling cost. Once again the prototypes machined features will be exactly the same as will be supplied in production. You will not receive Rapid Prototype coreboxesparts with machined features that can only be achieved using 5 axis machining.

Before the pattern is cut, the 3D information can be returned to the customer for a final check of the cast and machined features to ensure that there will be no clearance problems in assembly.

Castings PLC can produce Rapid Prototypes for all parts within our weight range 0-30 kg, and maximum box size 750 x 550 x 225/225.

Rapid Prototype Machining